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Heat Resistant Millboard

TTL is proud to be a distributor of Kaowool® Millboard products.

Kaowool® Millboard

They are processed from a slurry consisting of Kaowool ceramic fibers, fillers and binders. The fiber raw material is kaolin, a naturally occurring high-purity alumina-silica fireclay. Kaowool Millboard products are strong, thin, durable ceramic fiber-based boards having a variety of high-temperature applications up to 1482°C / 2700°F. Although these products were formulated and designed to replace asbestos millboard, their potential use extends into more conventional refractory fiber applications. Their use should be considered whenever there is a need for a thin, durable board with excellent insulating characteristics.


  • High-temperature gaskets (all grades)
  • High-temperature roll covering (grade 822)
  • Fire protection (grade 822)
  • Thermal barrier (grades 822 and 1401)
  • Backup insulation (grades 822 and 1401)
  • Heat and flame shields (grade 1401)
  • Parting media (grade 1401)


  • Max Continuous Temperature: 1093°C (2000°F)
  • Max Temperature: 1482°C (2700°F)
  • Material: Kaolin

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