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Rubber Gaskets Supplier

TTL supplies the full range of rubber sheeting which can be cut to size or into custom shapes.

Neoprene (Chloroprene) (CR)

A synthetic polymer that provides excellent resistance to weather, ozone cracking, sunlight, natural aging and acids. Its flame resistance is excellent, being one of the few rubbers that is self-extinguishing.
(Temp. ranges: – 51ºC to +121ºC)

Nitrile-Buna-N (NBR)

An elastomer that has superior resistance to petroleum based hydraulic fluids, alkalis, acids, aliphatic and aromatic hydro-carbonates, animal & vegetable oils. NBR has low gas permeability yet poor ozone and only modest heat resistance.
(Temp. ranges: – 51ºC to +121ºC)

Styrene Butadiene (SBR)

The fatigue resistance and low temperature properties of SBR are usually inferior to natural rubber, yet, its heat-aging properties and abrasion resistance are better.
(Temp. ranges: – 40ºC to +82ºC)

Natural Rubber (NR) (Pure Gum Amber)

It is a natural product extracted from tropical plants. It has excellent flexibility, tensile elongation & abrasion resistant. It is durometer 40.
(Temp. ranges: -50ºC to +93ºC)

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene-Diene Monomer)

Excellent heat, ozone/weathering, aging resistance, and excellent electrical insulation, compression set, and low temperature properties with moderate physical strength properties
(Temp. ranges: – 56ºC to +177ºC)

Hypalon (CSM)

Considered a superior type of chloroprene, having better heat and chemical resistance.
(Temp. ranges: – 56ºC to +135ºC)

Silicone Rubber (SI)

Has high temperature properties as well as excellent tensile strength, compression set and is a fungus resistance material. It has good resistance against many chemicals, including acids, oxidizing chemicals & ammonia. Available in red, grey, white(FDA) or black.
(Temp. ranges: – 53ºC to +232ºC).

Viton (FKM)

Fluoroelastomers have excellent heat and flame resistance, and outstanding resistance to aging, ozone, oxidizers, oils and many chemicals. They also have low gas permeability and low compression set. This rubber has only limited low temperature, steam, and hot water capabilities.
(Temp. ranges: – 28ºC to +260ºC)

Butyl (Isoprene)

Excellent resistance to oxygen and ozone, and good chemical resistance to organic and inorganic substances. It can tolerate prolonged exposure to heat, and is usually stable in dilute acids and alkalis. It has exceptional low gas and moisture permeability which makes it ideal for inner tubes and high pressure/vacuum applications under demanding conditions. It’s very high resilience makes it also suitable for shock and vibration damping.
(Temp. ranges: – 40ºC to +121ºC)


A 75-durometer high temperature resistant co-polymer of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene. Suited for the harsh environment of the petroleum, sour gas (H2S), oil and gas industry. It is also used in the transportation, pulp & paper, chemical and aerospace industry.
(Temp. ranges: – 23ºC to +357ºC).

Urethane sheet

Considered a durable material able to resist extreme environments and abrasions. It has several advantages over conventional plastics and elastomers, increased strength, toughness & versatility. Its properties make it suitable to be used where high abrasion resistance, high strength and good oil / solvent resistance is required. Typical applications include hydraulic and reciprocating seals, gaskets, diaphragms.

C.I. Rubber is a polyester reinforced SBR sheet. It is also available in a neoprene-nylon diaphragm sheet.

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